Welcome to Rebecca Wilkinson's Online Studio!


Whether you came here today because you know me personally, you want to use coloring and art therapy as a way to manage stress, you want to buy some artwork or you’ve just ended up here by accident, it is lovely to have you visit!  

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My style of artwork is a mixture of expressive and magical realism. I love to exaggerate color, shape, and perspective so that I can simultaneously capture the nature of the creatures (human, flora, and fauna), objects, and places that inspire me and infuse them with a touch of magic.

Although I was trained as a painter, I get a lot of satisfaction from drawing as well — I really enjoy the challenge of creating form, depth, and texture through two-dimensional media. 

I am also a certified Art Therapist and use art-making to help other people access their creativity and overcome barriers that keep them from being happy.   Enjoy browsing the website and reach out anytime.

Warmly, Rebecca

Close up of Becky

Rebecca hanging out with Benzo in her studio.  

Without exclusion, Rebecca contributes 10% of the gross proceeds of her sales to the American Cancer Society.